Test Your Connection

Part of being a photographer means working in the field. Out in the real world -- especially when shooting for clients-- it is important to backup your photos to a cloud service ASAP. What if your SD card, or hard drive fails? Or even worse, what if your precious gear is stolen? We created this page so you can test the speed of your connection so you have a better idea of how long it will take to upload, or download your shots. Test it out at different WiFi hotspots you frequent to find the most reliable speed.

This chart below gives you a breakdown of how long you can expect to wait for an upload with various speeds for common file-types:

File-Type 4Mbps 8Mpbs >16mpbs
JPEG (5mb) 10s 5s less than 2.5s
RAW/CR2 (40mb) ~1min 47s less than 25s
HD Video (1.5gb) 50m 25m 30s less than 12m 30s


Photography 101

Marc Bowler

When you’re first starting out with any type of digital camera, it’s important to have a grasp on the basics of each of your settings. Every camera’s interface is different, but the core elements of digital photography remain the same.